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We love the quirky ones. The ones who fell in love with a colorful appliance and then designed their entire house around it. If that's you, then you came to the right place. In unconventional building, we try to make something out of almost everything. Some builds include using repurposed building materials. We have used wood siding taken off old barns, refinished counters found in dumpsters, and picked up windows off the side of the street. We love the look of weathered metal, and have found great uses for culled wood from local sawmills used for incredible flooring. All of these options surround us and are waiting to be explored.


Get started now! You can go looking for great deals all over the place. We have found tiny working gas ovens in RV's that have been taken to the dump. Does that mean you have to be a dumpster diver? No, but it does help if you are willing to look at unconventional uses for materials that others consider trash. 


Too many people haven't taken the intiatitive to reuse and recycle. Wanna be part of a revolution that uses what we have? 


Repurposed Kitchen

Dumpster found Counter, Craigslist RV Gas Oven, Wine Bottle Glasses, Thrift Store Plates, Yard Sale Window Trim, Curb Side Windows, Habitat Restore Sink & Faucet, Newspaper Wall Texture, Free Paint. Go Spicebox!

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